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Our Approach
Global 2020 offers strategic advisory services and extensive technical, regional, and sector experience to each of its consultancies. We combine cross-functional teams including technical, strategy, business/project processes, and knowledge management with exceptional regional experience.
Highly sensitive to client and client-stakeholder interests, our team has a deep, analytical appreciation of economic trends and policies. Global 2020 is always true to the goal of helping clients maximize the returns, corporate value enhancement and development impacts their investments, projects and business. 

We offer three distinct, value-added components that our team brings to each consultancy:

Project and Strategic Aims – Global 2020 team helps clients sharpen their strategic focus even before terms of reference are set, offering an external and objective analysis of project activities, potential output and impact goals.

Project Process – All engagements have unique teams, resource sets and contexts, each of which requires ongoing assessment and refinement to achieve maximize project outcomes. Our teams work together to provide input and process recommendations at pre-defined and critical moments in each consultancy.

Project Output – Global 2020’ hands-on approach focuses our team’s energies on maximizing output and client satisfaction.