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Our team’s background as directors, senior managers, funders, analysts, consultants, – for NGOs, funding agencies and private businesses – enables Global 2020 to offer clients a unique understanding of the complex, and often conflicting, goals of enterprise-led development in a social development context.


The team’s multi-cultural background and experience ensures sensitivity to the challenges facing enterprise-led development in transitional, emerging, and developing (TED) country markets.


We work out of 4 offices in the US, Europe, Latin America and Africa. But in many projects our team members are stationed at the location of our client`s projects.


The key qualification for any team member in Global 2020 is: Operational experience. No project will succeed unless it has that component. No strategy can materialize in a successful operation/implementation unless it builds on that component. In Global 2020 we insist on operational participation because our team all knows how important the local presence is for the success of the project. We all know it from experience.


We also have associates around the world that know best the latest international development in the areas of CSR and local economic development.